Artist : Kenshi Yonezu
Catagory : Album
Series :
Date Release : 2014.04.23
Format : MP3/320K/ZIP

Yankee is the second studio album by Japanese musician Kenshi Yonezu . It was released on April 23, 2014, followed by his first live concert on June 27, 2014


1.Living Dead Youth (リビングデッド・ユース Ribingudeddo Yūsu).mp3
2.Mad Head Love.mp3
3.Wooden Doll.mp3
4.Eine Kleine (アイネクライネ Aine Kuraine, A Little).mp3
5.Melancholy Kitchen (メランコリーキッチン Merankorī Kitchin).mp3
6.Santa Maria (Album Version).mp3
7.Hana ni Arashi (花に嵐 Flowers and Storms).mp3
8.Umi to Sanshōuo (海と山椒魚 The Sea and a Salamander).mp3
9.Shitodo Seiten Daimeiwaku (しとど晴天大迷惑 The Great Problem of Being Drenched in Fine Weather).mp3
10.Kanpuku (眼福 Feasting Eyes Upon).mp3
11.Horafuki Nekoyarō (ホラ吹き猫野郎 Bragging Cat Dude).mp3
12.Toxic Boy.mp3
13.Hyakki Yakō (百鬼夜行, Demon Parade).mp3
14.Karma City.mp3
15.Donut Hole (ドーナツホール Dōnatsu Hōru).mp3

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